Interior Flush Doors

Amberwood Doors is very excited to be adding beautiful Flush Doors to our interior door family! 

These durable and highly functional pieces of art, will make every room stand out and add immense style and character to your house, condominium or business!

The juxtaposition of a number of different exotic hardwoods to choose from, and precise veneer matching methodologies makes Amberwood Flush Doors customizable and truly unique! Whether your style is traditional or modern/contemporary Amberwood has all your interior door needs covered!

The following is a list of Amberwood Flush Doors’ gorgeous exotic hardwood choices: African Mahogany; Macassar Ebony; Teak; Anigre; Makore; Mozambique Tropical Olive; Excaupto Pelwood; Olivewood; Wenge; Zebrano; Santos Rosewood; Khaya; Sapele; Koto; and Sycamore.

Veneer Matching Methodologies

1.  Sequence Matching: These pieces of wood coming from the same log are identical in grain and colour with repetitive characteristics from one sheet to the other.

2.  Book Matching: These pieces of wood are flipped over so that they face each other just as pages in a book, resulting in a lovely symmetrical pattern.

3.  Slip Matching: These pieces of wood are connected in sequence without flipping the pattern resulting in a seamless joint if the grain is straight.

4.  Random Matching: These pieces of wood may be different in colour, width and grain resulting in a truly unique pattern.

Amberwood specializes in Sequence (see pictures H2, H3, H5, H6, H7, H8) and Book Matching (see pictures H1, H4), however Slip and Random Matching are available upon request.

Come into Amberwood’s inspiring Interior Showroom today and see these outstanding doors!