Door Accessories

When designing and building an industry leading Handcrafted door system, it’s paramount that the right partnerships are formed. Amberwood Doors has many supplier / partners that date back to our first door being built in 2004.

Bespoke Wrought Iron

Amberwood Doors has worked with Miliano Design Ltd. Since 2004. Whenever Wrought Iron is required Amberwood sole sources from Miliano. Miliano Design Ltd has dedicated themselves to becoming the industry leader and innovator in wrought iron and decorative inserts. Miliano’s’ knowledge of design and technical expertise, has allowed them to stand out as the top creator of wrought iron designs. With all the effort and dedication they have invested over the years, their knowledge in metal design and manufacturing is unsurpassed.

Custom Leadwork and Stained Glass

At Amberwood we have been creating custom glass, stain glass and leaded designs since 2004. Whether our clients are seeking a modern one of a kind piece of glass or a historically correct reproduction we have the design team to ensure all requirements are met with exacting quality. We have also become experts at reproducing glass designs from photographs our clients supply us with. This method of glass design can often save our clients valuable time when designing a bespoke door system.


Intricate CNC Custom Carving

Throughout Amberwood’s history Custom Wood Carvings have always been a very important part of our designs. Whether it’s a company logo, a family coat of arms or a purely unique design, Amberwood has you covered. CNC wood carving have made the most extreme designs possible, and offered a more reasonable timeline. For most carving designs we are able to deliver within our normal delivery cycle.