Worked with us to ensure, not just satisfaction, but happiness.

Great Doors!!

It’s been a very long journey building our house and the detail work still goes on. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the fine custom doors that Amberwood built for us. After working with twenty separate contractors, most of whom did a satisfactory job, there were only three that I felt were exceptional. They were: our foam insulation guy, Piotr, the stone mason, George, and then there was you, Art.

I was just looking at my enormous and stunning 10′ high front door to see if the colour of our newly stained windows matched perfectly. While doing so, I happen to see the greater detail of the construction such as the trim inlay that I never noticed before, not mention the quality and fine workmanship of the entire finished product. The four “huge” solid hinges and door handle make an impressive final touch.

But what made my experience with Amberwood great was people like you, who worked with us to ensure, not just satisfaction, but happiness.

My wife and I are grateful for the effort given by you and all your people behind the scenes in your shop that made our front door what it is. The 22 other solid wood doors we have throughout our home are a constant reminder why we are really happy that we did not settle for factory-made production doors. It was all worth it!

Thanks again, to you and your staff.

— Michael,