Customer story

Pat Finelli, Chief Marketing Officer of Pizza Pizza, first approached Amberwood Doors in 2010.  He’d been visiting a friend’s house and was blown away.

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Amberwood had recently finished installing custom exterior doors there and Pat liked what he saw – the way the doors highlighted and enhanced the home and reflected the owner’s sense of style.

So Pat brought his vision to Amberwood.

He wanted exterior doors that reflected his unique vision for his home – lots of light, lots of glass, intricate ironwork and hardware to match. And it had to be perfect.

So, at Amberwood, we worked with Pat to put together an initial plan that included initial designs for:

  • a custom double front entry door
  • a set of Panoramic™ bi-fold doors at ground level, opening onto Pat’s swimming pool and waterfall
  • a second set of Panoramic™ bi-folding doors on the upper level giving, well…a Panoramic view of the family’s exquisite back yard

And we put in place a process that gave Pat the ultimate in input and control over the design of his doors. Over the course of the design process, we met with Pat every two to three weeks to review every aspect of the design of his exterior doors – the wood, the stain, the hardware, the grillwork.

“Pick up the phone and call them. Sit down and give them your vision, they’ll give you their vision and together you’ll design something you can love for the rest of your life.”

– Pat Finelli. Chief Marketing Officer, Pizza Pizza. Toronto, Ontario

And again, throughout the manufacturing process we met with Pat every couple of weeks to review his doors’ progress and to make sure that all of those elements – wood, stain, hardware, grillwork – looked as good in real life as they did on paper.

Once all the doors were completed, Amberwood installed them. As is the case with most of our installations, installation was completed within 8 hours.


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