How your entry door improves the value of your home

When it comes to increasing the value of your home, upgrading your exterior doors can be one of the best returns on investment you can make.

Your entryway is like the flagship of your residence – it is the first and most impactful architectural element that your visitors will see, and will likely be the one they most vividly remember long after departing.

Classic front door
Invest in a quality, custom made front door

Regardless of whether you are renovating for your own enjoyment, or for a future buyer of your home, smart investments in your exterior doors will increase your home value, show pride of ownership, add curb appeal, increase security, and over the long term, save money.

Increases home value

Depending on the quality and level of door you install, you will increase your home value immediately.  A well designed door in the perfect setting with great lighting accessories and coordinated hardware will make a great first and last impression.  When people remember an experience, their memory is strongly influenced by how they felt rather than what details they recall.  The welcoming feeling a new and beautiful quality door has on your guests will stay with them.  As you know, a new cheap door still looks and feels like a cheap door.

Shows pride of home

High quality and exquisite exterior doors will also demonstrate your pride of home ownership to all who visit.  The subconscious impression will be that your residence is well-maintained and that you are owners with high standards in everything you do.

Adds curb appeal

Nothing adds more curb appeal than a pleasing first impression made by your entrance way.  With the right exterior doors, subtle lighting, manicured pathways, well-placed plants and flowers, your curb appeal will be superb.  From the moment your visitors park their car, their impression will be formed of your home as they make their way to your front door.  With your design vision, you can guide this impression to be the very best possible.

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Increases security

It goes without saying that installation of a new, high quality door will not only increase your curb appeal, but also will increase your home security.  Simply put, heavy, strong, solid doors are safer.  In addition to the door itself, when you are remaking the entry way to your home, you can take this opportunity to install other security items (like cameras and intercoms) at the same time so they are all working seamlessly together when the final renovation is complete.

Saves money

Over the long term, high quality exterior doors will save money.  Because they are designed to not be heat escapes, they will increase your home’s energy efficiency. By its very nature a quality door is long-lasting, and won’t need to be replaced for decades to come.

So when you are faced with where to start with your home renovations, prioritizing the creation of elegant and high quality exterior doors is the highest return on investment, and the wisest choice, that you can make.

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