Entry door colours that never go out of style

Selecting the colour of your front door can be an exciting — or overwhelming experience. There are many shades available, from the bold to the traditional. Here are two colours our clients love.

Solid entry doors, crafted with quality, wear timeless colours to great advantage. Visible from the street, they accent your home’s architecture and landscaping appeal. If you are looking for an exterior door shade that will stand the test of time, you can’t go wrong with these two classic colours.

Gunstock allows door to step back from brighter trims and accents exterior wall finishes.

Door colour: Gunstock

San Miguel is a rich spice color, evoking desert clay. It accentuates trim and exterior finish colours, making entry doors pop-out — even in dark hues.

Door colour: San Miguel
Door colour: San Miguel

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What makes classic colours popular:

  • Adds richness and depth to fine woodwork features
  • Flatters or accents a home’s exterior brick, stucco, and stone
  • Evokes classic traditions like Maritime or Old French motifs
  • Retains timeless appeal, and never looks outdated

When you are ready to choose the colour for your front door, use the Goudey Stain Colour Palette or pick a shade from a wide selection of classic colours. You can then order a colour sample that has been factory-sprayed on the actual wood type selected for your door — just to make sure it’s right for you.

Other colour options

  • Earth tones — pumpkin, terra cotta, sands — create warmth and give depth to flatter textures
  • Forest greens work to complement landscaping.
  • Barn-reds, weathered grays, and yellow grains give a pastoral feeling
  • Brighter reds can provide a bold pop of colour to snowy areas
  • Blues and sandy beiges can evoke the seaside

Front entry doors in natural woods or classic colours are among the most noticeable home-improvements a homeowner can make. Exterior doors are key to better curb-appeal, and grabbing the attention of neighbours, friends, guests, and home-buyers.

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