3 Renovations that ‘sell’ your home

In today’s housing market, it is the move-in ready homes that are getting top dollar.

McCormick Ranch Home

Buyers want a house packed with modern features and style that pops. Renovations become more cost-effective when you consider the added equity to the property.

Even small jobs like new front doors or replacing the carpeting can raise the sale price of the house by as much as 10,000 dollars, according to Forbes. If you want a big return on your investment, consider renovating key areas.

The Kitchen

It is the heart of any home, and a good place to start when making plans.

This is the first room buyers will look at when home shopping. The makeover can range from basic to complex like knocking down a wall to add a breakfast nook. Start with the counter-tops. Nothing says style like granite or marble counters. When it comes to cabinetry, you have two options: replace or reface. Only rework the cabinets if they look tired.

Appliances are always a consideration. Installing a modern, energy-efficient stove, dishwasher and refrigerator makes the entire kitchen sparkle. Focus on smaller elements, as well. Change out the faucet and hardware to give the kitchen a facelift. While you are getting upgrades, add a new, elegant exterior door to the back entrance.

Use some caution when remodeling the kitchen. Stay away from trendy decor like a black and white color palette. Kitchen design is a very personal concept. Don’t do something homeowners will feel like the need to change later.

The Bath

Bathrooms are one area the sellers can use to make the house distinctive. They are also the second room shoppers scope out. Take time to fix any issues that might exist before beginning the renovation. For example, repair plumbing leaks, increase the insulation to warm up the space and make sure the ventilation is adequate. From there, think luxury. If you replace the flooring, consider adding a warming system. The fixtures should be new. Switch the plain shower over to a steam system – the fancier the individual components, the more impressive the space. As with the kitchen, avoid trend decor that a potential buyer might hate. If you focus on upgrading the features of the bath, you will blow them away instead of make them cringe.

Small bathrooms make the entire house feel cheap. If there is a laundry room or walk-in closet close by, knocking down a wall can open a world of possibilities. A big space gives you room to install a soaker tub, separate steam shower, cabinets and twin bowl sinks.

Add Some Curb Appeal

For someone driving around the neighborhood, the exterior door and front of the house is what grabs their attention. Curb appeal is everything you see before entering the house. Some quick clean up and enhancements are not renovations; they are necessities. If the outside looks tired, they won’t even stop to see the property.

Give the yard a professional manicure to spice up the landscape. Bring in a contractor to spray wash the siding and replace any worn areas. Paint the trim to complement the exterior of the house. The front doors are critical pieces. Replace the exterior door to send a message of elegance. Custom-made, solid front doors are classy, and add security to the home. With a combination of outside and inside upgrades, your house will sell quickly while others sit untouched.

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