Improving the look and feel of your Restaurant

Restaurant Exterior Bifold Doors

Today, restaurants are about more the just food. The menu items are a critical marketing point, but patrons are looking for ambiance.

It is the mood and décor of a restaurant that brings them in and puts them in the right state of mind to enjoy their meal. The food is what brings them back, but the atmosphere is what gets them to the table. Business owners need to ask themselves, what is one of the first things a customer sees when walking up to the building – exterior doors.

Restaurant Exterior Bifold Doors


It is All About Appeal

Restaurateurs must consider both environment and product when managing a top-level business. The more appealing the structure is the more affluent the client. The more the customers have to spend, the more profitable the restaurant. When planning a renovation, the exterior is the place to start. Finding the right front doors adds just enough posh to the look to make it appealing. For a little more money, proprietors can add sliding glass doors to the structure that stand out in the competitive Toronto restaurant scene.

Properly placed sliding doors bring natural light into the dining area. Sunlight is a mood enhancer and cost saver all in one. Glass doors let sun into the restaurant, reducing the need for less positive interior lights during the day. When shopping for doors, concentrate on artisanship, detail and reliability. The front doors of a restaurant see a lot of traffic. Quality matters when it comes to shelf life.

Keeping It Green

Customers will appreciate a restaurant that pays attention to efficiency. While sliding glass helps brings in natural light, the exterior doors are a key part of maintaining the envelope of the structure. It is the little air leaks that customers notice. With proper installation, people will not even realize they are even sitting near a door. Quality material with sturdy construction means no drafts distracting patrons trying to enjoy a meal even if positioned close to a sliding glass door.

Fossil fuel is a concern for everyone today whether you are rehabilitating a home or redesigning a business. The more energy-efficient the structure, the less fuel you use. Fuel savings is good for both the bottom line and the environment. Cheap sliding glass doors can cost the restaurant money. Stick with quality to save on heating and cooling costs, and to keep the guests comfortable.

Think Security

Exterior, front and sliding doors are an investment in the restaurants future. Poor installation means even the best doors may end up a liability. Once the doors are in place, the installer needs to offer some in-house training on safety. The sliding glass doors and window locking systems need to be easy for employees to use. A security system does no good if set improperly. Glass offers an inviting entry point for a potential thief. Ensure the closing procedure covers more than just the exterior doors. Windows and sliding glass is part of the system, as well.

A restaurant business is a combination of chic décor and titillating cuisine. Toronto has some of the most acclaimed restaurants in the world. In order to compete, proprietors need to consider the big picture. While it might not be possible to tear down the building and start over, a little door makeover can give it shiny new appeal.

Think about door presence when planning a renovation. Sliding glass doors in key spots means even with just a few customers, the dining area looks busy. An active restaurant draws in clientele. Well-fitted, artistic, quality front doors invite the world to come in and enjoy.


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