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Amberwood Doors made in Canada guarantee
Mahogany four panel entry door with windows
A dark brown Mahogany stained four panel single entry door custom made by Amberwood Doors in Toronto.

Amberwood Doors builds a “Made in Canada” product and has for over 10 years. We kindly encourage all consumers to do their homework before buying a custom wood door system.

The following is an email from a client that did not buy an Amberwood Door, and now needs Amberwood’s help with his “Import Entry Door System”. We try our best to help these clients, however we are now receiving 1 to 2 calls per week with clients needing help as the Import Door companies will not return the phone calls.

We thought we would share one of the e-mails. This client has given Amberwood permission to reprint the e-mail. For the purposes of this Blog Post we have called the company “Import Doors Inc”.

Dear Colin Fraser,

Two years ago I purchased a door from a company called “Import Doors Inc“. They provided a great price, and based on the doors they showed me I felt confident to purchase from them. Three months after they received my deposit they said the doors would be delayed another 6 weeks. Two months after we received our door, we saw 2 bubbles on the exterior front door panel! We called “Import Doors Inc” numerous times to have our door replaced as it was still under warranty. Our calls were not returned. I actually went back to the store multiple times and was never able to find the owner there. It took “Import Doors Inc” 1 year to order a replacement panel for our door! The second year we had the door, both the interior door panel and silicone between the door and panel cracked. I was told the door was made from high quality Oak, but find that highly suspect now. I have tried contacting “Import Doors Inc“, only to find their business is now closed permanently! I was able to finally contact the owner and he asked me to email him pictures of the door. It has now been a week and the owner of “Import Doors Inc” has not returned my calls or emails. 

Please let me know if your company is able to help and repair our door.

In Appreciation,


As of April 1, 2014 Amberwood Doors Inc. will be issuing an official certificate certifying that the door you purchased is designed and “Made in Canada”. Each Amberwood Door will have a registration number which will be printed on the certificate.

Amberwood Doors made in Canada guarantee
Our Made in Canada Guarantee Certificate. Now supplied with every custom made Amberwood Doors product.

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