Flush Interior Doors – Our Stunning New Product

Book Matched Walnut solid wood door
Book Matched Walnut solid wood door
An example of a “Book Matched” Walnut Flush Door.

Amberwood is very proud and excited to introduce “Flush Doors” to it’s interior door family. These custom Canadian designed and built interior doors are made from solid wood and will add outstanding style and character to any residential or commercial space.

These extremely durable high-end Amberwood conversation pieces utilize Sequence and Book Match veneer matching methodologies. With Sequence Matching, the sheets of wood used are from the same log and are identical in grain and colour resulting in a beautiful continuous pattern. Book Matching takes alternating pieces of wood and flips them over so that they are facing each other just as pages in a book, creating a gorgeous and unique symmetrical pattern.

Zebrano solid wood flush door
An example of a “Sequence Matched” Zebrano Flush Door.

From the traditional/classic maple, mahogany, walnut, and elm to the more exotic contemporary/modern macassar ebony, olivewood, zebrano, koto, and sycamore wood there is an Amberwood Interior Flush Door for every style and taste.

At Amberwood we believe that doors not only serve a necessary function but are an opportunity for self expression.

Come into Amberwood’s inspiring showroom and find the perfect Flush Interior Doors for your house, condominium and/or business.



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