How to bring spring to your front door

Nothing says “Spring is here!” more than the tweeting birds and the plethora of colourful flowers at every entry door on your street! Join in the fun and celebrate the new season with a change of décor on the outside of your home.

Here are a few ideas:

Hang a wreath!

Hang a wreath to get that fresh new Spring look. Look for pastels and lighter colours, and combine them with springtime elements like baskets, gardening tools, umbrellas, and of course, beautiful flowers (dried or silk).

To hang your wreath on your wood exterior doors properly, drill a hole and put in a permanent wood screw. When you paint the screw the same colour as your door, you will not see it at all when the wreath is removed – and it will be handy all year round.  Alternatively, you could install a doorknocker to act as your hanger.

Try a wreath alternative…

Use your imagination and create your own statement by hanging a spring decoration that captures the same elements of a wreath but is non-traditional. Some ideas might be to fill rubber boots or a watering can with a colourful flower arrangement. If you are willing to upkeep them you could even fill the rubber boots with water and use fresh cut flowers each day. 

Source: j_peterson63 (Flickr)

Add planters or hanging baskets

To create a living display around your exterior doors, but with less daily maintenance, decide on a theme for your entrance area. Then make sure all the pots in the setting are the same material (i.e. terracotta) — even if they are different sizes. Select plants that colourful and can handle going a few days without watering. Even a selection of green plants with a splash of flowers in between is be a nice touch. Hanging baskets come in all sizes and colours. Avoid the cheap nursery plastic containers. There are many beautiful peat moss hanging pots or lovely metal holders for ceramic pots. What you showcase on your doorstep leaves an impression about you.

Fabric spring-themed flags

There are many different decorative flags on the market; you can select ones that will match the colours of your home or your exterior doors, and amplify your spring theme. These flags can be hung from a wall, or fixed to a standing pole in the nearby garden. Flags can create an instant festive mood as we think about all the outdoor garden parties to come!

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Get new house numbers and/or update mailbox

Little touches like updating your house numbers and mailbox with a bright shiny new colour can go a long way. There are lovely spring themed magnetic mailbox covers that can upgrade the look of your mailbox the moment they are applied. Since they are only magnetic coverings, you will have the option to change them whenever you like — even go with seasonal updates. Numbers, as you know, come in all shapes and sizes and are first thing a visitor will read to make sure he or she is knocking at the right door!

Install a bird feeder to attract birds

For that ultimate Spring setting, you can install a bird feeder to attracts birds to your home. Different feeders bring different birds, so keep this in mind when you select the one for you want: Hummingbirds or Robins? And if you have the space, why not invest in a decorative birdbath? It will bring you and your neighbourhood birds years of pleasure.

So don’t put it off! Go out and make that transition to Spring, then you will know it is really here!

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