Tips for throwing a memorable outdoor party

One of the best things about summer is being able to entertain your friends and family outdoors.  To make your next gathering a truly memorable one, here are a few ideas to try.

Create an inviting, elegant space that shows off your home

Your home is an extension of your personality and taste — let it shine through. A party is a great excuse to show off a new deck, landscaping, or bi-folding doors.

Panoramic™ Lift and Slide Door Systems open up your interior space to your exterior space, and give an elegant, spacious feel. They create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests to circulate between.

Splurge on unique outdoor serving set

And as your guest pass through that wide panoramic opening, let their eyes fall upon an enticing and decorative serving station that holds appetizers and treats, easing everyone into the party mood faster.  Try a unique serving idea such as an artfully designed bread horn-of-plenty with a cascade of fruit and cheeses.  You can create little bread birds and squirrels tucked in between prosciutto and brie.  All your food displays can be treated as décor similar to flower arrangements — both tasty and inviting.

Pick a unique theme for décor, food, and dress

Depending on your tastes and interests, you could also create a theme for your party that would guide the selection of foods, décor and clothing.  If you have just returned from travelling to the Taj Mahal in India, why not share your experiences there through an India themed party?  Or perhaps your ancestors are from Scotland? Your party could reflect the tastes and styles from the Highlands.  Whatever you decide, having a theme leads to cheerful inspiration for a fun experience.

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Lighting for Atmosphere

The beauty of lights is that you can use them to paint your scene without ever having to lift a paintbrush. Think of lights as spots of colour and focus, and find ways to help accent your existing structures, both inside and outside of your bifold doors.  Candles are good for intimate table tops. Patio lanterns are lovely and come in many shapes and sizes.  If you have trellis features in and about your outdoor space, why not decorate with white cascade lights and create a fairy-like ambiance?

Music Playlists

If you are going for a theme, music is the best way to accentuate it.  Plan a playlist for the party and test out the speakers range ahead of time to ensure the desired quality is achieved from all areas in your space.  The nice thing about using bifold doors is the ability to use your indoor A/V system for the outdoor party and not have to worry about being portable.

Keep the menu simple, but elegant

With or without a theme, you want to ensure that your menu stays simple but elegant.  Don’t try to do too many different things.  Focus in on one or two main dishes that you do incredibly well and eliminate anything that will distract from those.  People will remember one amazing dish much better than 10 dishes done moderately well.

Comfortable patio furniture with rich fabric

And for those long evening conversations under the stars, make sure you have luxurious and comfortable patio furniture.  As the night lingers on, you will want everyone to be able to relax and chat as they sip on their last few drinks and reflect on the lovely and memorable party you have just gifted them with.

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