The Changing Face of Toronto

Mahogany Single Entry Door

I have been in the wood door business locally since 1989 and I have spent my entire career here in the Toronto area. I truly love the progress I see in Toronto and I can even find beauty and appreciate the designs of the walls of the condominiums along the Gardner express way.

Many of the old houses that were the heart of the city for decades are now being knocked down with big, bold new homes taking their place. This is an amazing opportunity to keep families in the downtown area and stimulate growth for local businesses. This truly does make Toronto a one of a kind city to live and work.

With that said, I do get very nostalgic for the old homes of Toronto. The old communities, such as High Park, Swansea, Leaside, The Beach, Mimico and Cabbagetown, each have their own distinct character. While new homes are appearing in these areas, the expense associated with a complete teardown and new construction is cost prohibitive for many. Renovating and old home will typically be 15 to 25% of the cost of a new build, something much more manageable for most homeowners.

Mahogany Single Entry Door
Mahogany single entry door installed near the Bloor West Village in Toronto. Click to enlarge.

With many now considering this more affordable option, an amazing house restoration market has emerged here. Homeowners are starting to restore these old homes and create a new life for them and in them. While often sacrificing the size and features found in most new home builds, the character of the older home is retained, something difficult to match at any budget.

Here at Amberwood Doors, we are in the perfect position to deal with both of these worlds. If you are building a brand new home, bring us your ideas. With over 2000 custom wood doors designed, built and installed in the Toronto area there is little we haven’t seen or done before.

If you are renovating an old house, you will most likely put a lot of time and care into picking your doors and windows to maintain and enhance the look of your home. Being a locally based, custom wood door manufacturer we are the perfect fit for this approach as we can work with you and put the same level of time and care into our own work. The finished product will receive the attention to detail that your home deserves.

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