A Unique Custom BiFolding Wood Door Request

Custom Bi-Folding White Oak Wood Door

Here at Amberwood doors, ongoing improvement of our process and products is a key value. We strive everyday to ensure this is a fundamental part of our business. At the core of this goal is “Relevance”. Are we relevant to our client’s needs and goals and are we relevant to the industry we serve in?

Seven years ago our relevancy as a company was tested. At that time we had already been manufacturing a product called the Panoramic BiFolding Door System for three years. This was a product that we had trademarked and are very proud of. A client approached us and asked if we could build a 90º BiFold door. Our answer was yes, of course we can. I went on to show him lovely pictures of our past projects but he quickly stopped us and said “those photos are great but they are not what I want”.

We were thrown for a little loop so we asked him to further explain what it was he had in mind for us to custom build. It turned out he wanted a door that comes together at a 90 degree angle with no structure on the corner. Our question to him then was “and you want it to fold?” Yes was the answer! We asked for 24 hours to assess his request and thankfully yes was the answer again.

After some consultation with our craftsmen we were able to design and manufacture a 90 degree BiFolding door out of White Oak, a very heavy wood that would be up to the task. However, to do this the doors had to be 2 ¼” thick! Despite this unique request that took us into uncharted territory, the job was completed on time and the quality was excellent!

Custom Bi-Folding White Oak Wood Door
A White Oak 90 degree BiFolding Panoramic wood door. Click to enlarge.

We returned to the house just a few weeks ago to follow up on the installation and perform some required maintenance adjustments. We took the oppourtunity to capture some up to date images of this distinctive door system. As you can see the doors still look great and serve the clients entertainment requirements perfectly!

Bi-Folding Solid White Oak door
Note the lack of structure at the corner. A unique design that creates an equally unique space within the home. Click to enlarge.

Our client was not going to even start this Cabana project unless he knew he could source the unique doors he wanted, the ones you now see in these photos. It was this challenging request that made us realize how important it was be relevant to both our clients and our industry. This is one of the key elements that distinguish our work and products. So if you have a design request that you feel is out of the norm and may not even exist, do not hesitate to contact us to see if we can make your custom wood door a reality.

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