Using custom doors to create entertaining spaces

When you invite people to your home, you want them to feel warm and comfortable. With custom exterior and interior doors, you can also make them feel wowed, like they’ve entered a truly inspired space.

Unique doors that match your decor make your entryway both striking and inviting. As someone steps through that door, the entire tone of your house has been set. By choosing a custom exterior door, you have the chance for your home to “pop” from the very beginning.

Outside view of Panoramic Bi-folding Doors
Interior doors can carry that mood. Whether it’s to match an existing decorating scheme, showcase what’s in the room, or act as a piece of art all on its own, interior doors lend a special elegance of their own.

A custom door for a collection room is a great way to make the room itself feel like it was meant for all of your hard won pieces or memorabilia. Glass panes can lend elegance to a trophy room. Creative door shapes can make a home theatre or gaming room that much more fun.

It’s also possible to view your interior doors as an extension of the art in your home: as an art piece. A striking door makes for a great conversation piece, while at the same time increasing the value of your home. One great choice is a custom glass door, where the glass is etched and frosted into beautiful or striking patterns. With everything from modern choices to more subdued floral patterns, you’re sure to find one that matches the tone of your house, but also amplifies it.

Interior Doors
Of course, it’s important to think of doors as an invitation. Every time a guest in your house opens a door, they’re being invited into a new space. And that’s why the perfect door can make the guest feel like they’re in a space that’s safe and comfortable. Kitchen and guest room doors are especially important for this reason. A kitchen door with glass and warm wood lets the guest know that they’re welcome in the kitchen.

There are a lot of uses of glass for doors in general. If your living area is blocked off by a door, choosing glass means that you can keep an eye on what’s going on in the major parts of the houses without disturbing everyone. This works great for home offices, where you may want to check on someone without interrupting their work.

Beautiful glass doors are also a way to showcase your backyard, just like they showcase other rooms. You’ll be able to check on the dog or simply gaze at the flowers while you have your morning cup of coffee.

Beautiful panoramic lift and slide doors can turn your backyard into a focal point. And bi-folding doors act as cinematic and inviting gateway to a hot tub or garden retreat.

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Custom interior and exterior doors add value and warmth to your home, while bringing the entire decor together. No matter what style you choose, they’re sure to make your home a brighter place — one that that will be the talk and envy of the neighbours.

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