Turn your cottage into a luxury retreat

A cottage is an escape, and it can also be a state of mind. Here’s how wood doors can add to the tranquility of your home-away-from-home.

Is your cottage near the lake or in the woods? Is it for weekends or for guests only? Is it the escape you had in mind, or does it need some tweaking to give it that “wow” quality?

One way to measure that quality is if you can still visualize the cottage while you are away. Your image should be about the view from inside and out. You should have that mental picture of the place as you arrive with guests for the holiday, that picture that knocks everyone’s socks off.

Sliding Glass Doors

  • Bring colour to your exterior doors. Choose a natural stain that deepens the grain of your natural, engraved, or distressed wood door. Let it blend with the cottage’s exterior colour, pick up the garden colours, or pop out from the doorway with bright blues or yellows.
  • Use Bi-folding Doors and Lift and Slide glass doors to open up the space into the garden, onto the lake, or onto the porch. With large glass panels, you turn the outdoors into a wall hanging. You can light the house from the outside with natural light, and the soft lamplight and fireplace glow warms the outside snow or beach. The panoramic doors — opened or closed — form the perfect transition between indoors and outdoors, opening the house up to the fresh air.
  • Drive around the area to see what others are doing with their cottages: the shutters and exterior doors. Check out different door configurations, lighting options, and colour palettes. For example, soft pastels are often associated with water while woodsy greens and earth tones echo forest settings. Get some ideas about making your own statement.
  • Think security, too. You want the exterior doors to have some heft to them; you do not want them to appear delicate. So, you may want to avoid front doors with too much glass, knowing that Panoramic™ glass doors are strong and durable.

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Panoramic Bi-folding Doors

Remember that the front door is the first impression anyone has of your luxury getaway, so choose carefully.

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