Custom accents that enhance your front door

A basic outfit can look good with the right pieces, but accessories can add a touch of elegance. The same is true for your exterior door.

Even if your front door is the perfect style and colour, custom accents can make your entryway stand out.

Custom front door accents: Shrubs

Your front door is, quite literally, the entry to your home, but many homeowners only see it as a place for decorations when they add a wreath during the holidays. With distinctive accents, however, your home can be inviting and eye-catching year-round. If you’re not sure where to start, try some of these ideas.

Door Knockers

Custom door accents: Door knocker

Before the doorbell came along, houseguests used front door knockers to announce their arrival. These days, elegantly designed knockers add a touch of class to exterior doors — and may even make guests forget about the doorbell. An Ives knocker with a bronze or chromium finish looks great against a white door. For darker colors, go for a dramatic look, like a dark bronze lion head or an “S” door knocker.

Outdoor Lights

In the evening, the right lighting can highlight the craftsmanship of your exterior doors. Homes with a more traditional look are well-suited for wall mount coach lights. For instance, a brick colonial-style home is the perfect backdrop for aged iron lanterns, while modern homes look great with coastal globe lights or round nautical flush lights. For a truly unique look, try a single globe light over the door, entry doors with side lights, or accent lighting all around the house.

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Plants and Shrubs

Custom front door accents: Letter box

Greenery in the front yard not only provides privacy, it adds a natural touch to exterior doors. Go with a symmetrical design, planting the same shrub or tree on either side of your door. It could be a dwarf tree like a dwarf Alberta spruce, or even flower beds in colourful arrangements. If you have a covered porch, mount hanging plants near the pillars, or install wrought-iron trellises covered in climbing plants.

Letter Boxes

You might not think of your letter box as a way to accent exterior doors, but a unique style will make visitors take notice. In addition to the traditional wrought-iron finish, there is also copper, cast aluminum, and stainless steel available. Add timeless elegance with a Victorian mailbox, or accent a modern home with a vertical shadowbox. For added flair, choose a colour that contrasts with your exterior wall: for example, a brown box against a tan exterior or a white or gold box against a brick house.


Whether you want to add colour or show your patriotism, a flag is a great accent for your front door. Place a bracket and pole where you’d like to display your flag. You can position it in the centre if you have an archway, or on either side of your door. A Canadian flag looks especially elegant on Georgian-style homes.  

Your front door can be more than just an entry into your home; with the right accents and decorations, it can also be a reflection of your home’s unique style.

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