Three ways to make your home stand out in the neighbourhood

Exterior door with side lights

If you’d like your home to be the house on the block that people remember, give the exterior a makeover — starting with the front door.

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When you’re driving through a neighbourhood, which house catches your eye: the one that looks like all the other houses, or the one that looks like the owner put some effort into it?

Many neighbourhoods have houses built from the same floor plan, and some gated communities may discourage certain house colours and features. But you can always find a way to turn your home into an eye-catching attraction.

Whether you’re trying to entice prospective buyers or just want to create a beautiful landscape, here are some ways to create a picturesque view in your own front yard.

Exterior Doors and Windows

Although security and energy efficiency ar taken into account when choosing the best exterior doors and windows, many people are also concerned with style and appearance. In fact, choosing the right aesthetic can actually increase your home value, so make sure you choose well.

Start by choosing a unique front door, one that no one else has. For example, if everyone on your block has a square wooden door, choose a round top door. Next, choose a bold moulding for doors and windows; moulding that accommodates side or transom windows is especially attractive. Finally, choose a colour that contrasts with the rest of your home. White trim looks great against a blue house, while dark green or blue stand out against an off-white finish.

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The right styles and colours can stand out during the day, but you still want your home to stand out at night. The right lighting can provide an attractive display that not only presents your home in the best light (pun intended) possible, but also adds an extra level of security.

The best lighting depends on that areas you’re showing and the look you want to achieve. Flood lights are ideal for garages and backyards. Many homeowners mount post lights next to their exterior doors (such as lighting underneath block molding), but doors with side lights or patio lamps that mimic park lights add a unique flair. Walkway or pathway lights placed along your home’s entryway add a nice touch to your yard and make your home safer at night.

Landscaping and Decorations

If you’re not as diligent about mowing your lawn as your neighbours, you’re missing a great opportunity to distinguish your home. A beautifully manicured lawn is essential to any picturesque home, and with a little effort your home can be a perfect model for the neighbourhood.

Start with a lawn that never gets overgrown. Your lawn will look greener and neater if the grass is about two inches long; for best results, mow it when the grass is an inch longer than it should be. The rest is up to you. Plant flower bushes in front of your windows for a splash of colour and a little privacy. Add small garden plots along the sides of your yard for more color and fragrance. For larger yards, a stone path up to the exterior doors is a perfect way to protect your lawn and create a safe entry to your home.

Your home is just one of the ways you express yourself, so choose the materials that best represent your style. With the right doors, windows, colours and landscaping, your home can be the standout of the neighbourhood.

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