What your front door says about your personality

Single round door

Your front door may be the way into your house, but the right front door could be the way into your home. What’s the difference?

A house is a building with an exterior door, but a home is what your heart makes of the house. Colour, design, craftsmanship, hardware — all say something about you and yours.

Single round door

  • Colours are “traditional” when they prompt thoughts of forest, farm, desert, or sea. Colours are “bold” when they pop-out from the trim or siding to grab your attention.
  • Clear glass in exterior doors opens the view to your personality while solid doors keep things private.
  • Double entry doors make a big statement, but single exterior doors can make a simpler, elegant impression.
  • Materials and finishes, handsome wood grains, or ornate sculpted designs mark contemporary or classic personal styles.

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Urban or suburban, modest homes or manse, the front door is the first statement about the life lived there.

  • Classic colours add depth to fine features in wood. They accent and pair with brick, stucco, and stone exteriors. And, because they appeal to memories of times gone by, they retain a timeless appeal.
  • Side lights let the light in and out of exterior doors. Glass on the side or the top frames the door. Simple glass, beveled glass, or ornately etched glass welcomes visitors and frame the view of the interior.
  • Handsome wood stains, from the Goudey Stain Colour Pallette, subtly accent the craft worked into the door. It gives texture to the natural wood grains or light and shadows to carved or formed areas.
  • Hardware — hinges, knobs, and other decorative features — makes a statement, too. Hardware can be flat and simple or ornate and visually interesting. Door knockers can even express your personal heritage or ethnicity with shapes and symbols.
  • Materials vary from select woods — the best available: mahogany, walnut, and oak — to simpler flat surfaces, The more handsome the wood, the better the appearance when finished. Flat wooden doors become something much more with well chosen paint and hardware.
  • And, while city homes often select single panel doors, suburban personalities tend to prefer the double panel when planning the new look for their front entry.

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