Beat the Spring rush for buying new front entry doors

Double front entry doors

February is the perfect time to launch that special renovation project: to beautify your home with a new exterior door.

As many homeowners tend to wait until spring to begin home improvements, industry experts recommend starting in the winter months to secure top local craftsmen who can deliver the quality of upscale design and reliable service that you demand.

Skilled tradespersons can be in short supply from April to November, and homeowners who delay may pay the price in compromised workmanship and its attendant stress. High-end, custom exterior doors deserve careful thought and detailed research, which makes winter the ideal time to begin your design renovation planning.


Your home is your most valuable investment, and renovations protect that value. Unlike a simple paint job or carpet replacement, custom renovations unfold on a designated timetable.

Allot adequate time for the renovation process, from creative design to product manufacture and installation; be aware that securing permits and engineering approvals can take an additional 6-8 weeks. Advance planning will ensure your design plans result in the renovation you envisioned, one that adds functional style and beauty to your home for years to come.

Create a focal point

An exterior door provides your home’s first impression: This portal makes a statement about your design aesthetic, mode of living, and, perhaps, even the life you share with friends and loved ones within. No other expanse of wood, glass and metal impacts the house more strongly than this starting point, your own front door.


Exterior doors are important both structurally and aesthetically, and choosing the right company to spearhead the design, manufacture and installation of your project is key to a successful renovation.  

Whether your taste runs to sleek contemporary lines or you favour the charm of a timeless classic, Amberwood offers an extensive idea gallery of elegant design choices. The enduring beauty of hardwood, etched glass or wrought iron components are interpreted to highlight your home with upscale style and elegance.  Our experienced creative team will guide your choices in material, hardware finishes, and colours to fulfill your unique design vision, be it traditional or cutting edge.

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Ontario’s leading source for high-end, custom made exterior doors, Amberwood has long been synonymous with unparalleled quality. All products feature the very finest in Canadian craftsmanship and are noted for their durability and lasting beauty. Every Amberwood door is crafted in Canada with meticulous attention to detail, and local sourcing ensures timely project turnaround, eliminating the potential delay and damage incurred with overseas shipping.

Amberwood is proud of its commitment to customer satisfaction. With an impeccable service track record — fully 100% of jobs are completed on-site within ten hours — customer satisfaction consistently ranks high. By offering more convenient service hours, locally-sourced product, and a guaranteed job completion timeframe, Amberwood maintains a high level of reliability with its customers. Further, Amberwood is the only company in Toronto that offers a comprehensive warranty policy that covers the door, the installation and the trim.

Your home is your castle, and the exterior door stands as sentinel to greet your neighbours, usher in your visitors, and shelter your family from the world outside. For an elegant entry door design that will lend style and beauty to your surroundings for years to come, consider an Amberwood exterior door renovation this winter.

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