High-end upgrades for small-space living

Small-space living doesn’t have to sacrifice style. Upgrades like high-end bifold doors, sleek countertops, and flooring matter regardless of size.

There is no correlation between quality and square-feet. When it comes time to renovate smaller houses or lofts, adding decor with attention to detail and craftsmanship will open up the space.

Start with the Accessories

The kitchen is the heart of any home, and a good place to start making high-end upgrades. The countertops are an obvious choice when modernizing. For both quality and sturdiness, opt for granite. This material adds elegance to the work areas and the rich feel will distract from the size of the room.

For an added savoir-faire, match the switch plates and cabinet knobs to the granite countertops to unify the décor. Consider updating the kitchen sink to stainless steel and vintage style faucets. If the kitchen opens up to a patio or breakfast nook, lose the old-school sliding glass and install classic bifold doors instead.

Even small baths can benefit from an accessory upgrade. Consider new faucets and hardware, and replace an old vanity with pedestal bowl sinks, which will also give you more floor space.

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Change the Wall Treatments

The walls throughout the home are prime spots for change. Consider wainscot paneling in key rooms such as the living area and hallways. The form of wainscot depends on the room and your personal style. Embossed paneling adds contemporary elegance to dining areas that is easy to clean. For living spaces, time-honored oak or mahogany gives the room a warm feel.

Wainscot traditionally covers the bottom of the wall; on the top sections apply luxury wallpaper or modern colours. Don’t forget the ceiling is part of the space, as well.

Update the Flooring

Nothing says opulence like hardwood floors. Redoing the flooring will change the entire look of the room regardless of the size. The wider the planks, the larger the space will feel. Select wood that complements the wall treatments. If the walls are light, go with dark stain.

You can apply that same logic to tiles floors. Selecting a diagonal design for tiles will give the illusion of width. This is especially effective in smaller baths, foyers, and kitchens. Natural stone tile is both lavish and durable, whether in the kitchen, patio, or front entryway. Consider heating elements under the tile for winter months.

Install Custom Doors

Interior door: G-7

Changing the doors both inside and out will tie it all together. For exterior entry doors look for enhancements that add personality and flair.

Embossed panels, rich wood, and artistic glass options are all luxury upgrades. For interior spaces, look for bifold doors that add elegance to the room. Closets, pantries, and balconies all look smarter with custom wood doors.

Homes can appear high-end regardless of square footage. Adding high-end luxury such as quality bifold doors and granite counters lends panache no matter how big the room.


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