Customer story: ‘An experience to remember’

When Susan D. of Milton, Ontario, decided to replace her home’s original entryway, she had a very specific wish list. And she was thrilled with the results.

Susan was invested in every aspect of the upgrade, from aesthetics to increased property value.  She wanted to create a unique look, ensuring her home stood out from others on the block, and sought substantial exterior doors to provide security and soundproofing. She insisted on a quality product that would add to the resale value of her home, and sought a trustworthy, reputable company to help guide her design decisions.

Susan D's new custom exterior door
Susan D’s new custom exterior door

Susan began the process with online research. As she recalls, “What a fantastic experience that was! After taking a look at Amberwood Door’s website and going through their beautiful and unique door designs, I decided to call them.”

Rick, one of Amberwood’s door experts, helped answer Susan’s questions.  “He explained exactly what I wanted and he was able to answer all my questions without any hesitation.  His manner was very professional and sincere and he took great pride in what he did; he was very knowledgeable,” she states.

Susan found there were many factors to consider beyond simply choosing a beautiful design. “Rick took ample time to discuss the appropriate type of wood based on the exposure my entryway received, and discussed the overhang and overall environment, all necessary to prolong the life of a quality wood door,” said Susan.  “These were all equations that had to be considered.”

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Attention to detail

The next step in the design process involved Rick taking precise measurements at Susan’s home.  “He did a very thorough job and by this time, I had great trust and confidence in his expertise.  We then went over the door accessories and chose some beautiful hardware finishes. He sent me a scale drawing of the finished project for final review,” she recalls.


As promised, Susan’s new exterior door was delivered within 4-5 weeks and installed in one day.  “Two very professional guys did an amazing job; they also got rid of my old door, leaving absolutely no mess to clean up – they were that good!” 

Quality workmanship

Susan’s new entry door lends elegance, beauty, and a touch of grandeur to her home.  The mortise lock adds the security she was seeking and the quality craftsmanship of the solid Mahogany raised panel has added noticeable soundproofing.  She has no doubt the value of her Milton home has increased.

Satisfied customer

Susan is so delighted with her Amberwood Door that she is eager to share her experience with others.  “These folks have such passion and pride in their exterior doors quality and craftsmanship. This was an experience to remember and I highly recommend Amberwood Doors and their knowledgeable door expert, Rick.”

Said Susan, “Amberwood Doors is a first-class custom wood door manufacturer and from beginning to end, the job was carried out professionally and with much precision; the quality of their work is exceptional.”

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