Ways to make your home’s entry way more grand

When guests open your front door, will they be wowed? Here are some ways take your entry way from so-so to stunning.

A first impression goes a long way. So what do you want your entrance say? Here are some ways to create a unique entry way that’s both striking and welcoming.

Make a front door statement

Double Entry Door

To make an impression from first glance, choose a new custom exterior door. With a variety of stains and finishes to choose from you can easily match your home’s existing palette. Or you can choose a new bold colour that makes a statement.

Non-standard door shapes, including round top doors, are a great way to make your entry way pop.

If you’re trying for a more artistic entrance, consider frosted and printed glass option. Opaque glass makes a door feel more open and welcoming.

Also make sure your front walkway is free from obstructions. Make entering your house be a pleasure.

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Make the walls pop

Want to make an impression with paint? Jewel tones set a luxurious tone, while bold colours provide an ambiance of richness. Quality wallpapers in bold patterns can provide a sense of style and grandeur. Or, for a more reserved approach, try using red as an complement to muted or darker wallpaper.

Your wall treatments form the base of your design. Enhance them with art pieces and accents that revolve around the core of your design.

Crown moulding works to finish a room with a sophisticated flair. Consider painting it a deep, rich shade that will work to frame your entryway.

Lighting the way

Changing the lighting can lead to dramatic results. If you have a open high-ceiling room, chandeliers can create an aura of opulence. Or make a statement with artistic or modern lighting fixtures; both will make your guests look up and take notice. If your entryway is smaller, use table lamps or mounted lights to create a feeling of warmth and understated elegance.

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Keep things clutter-free

Most entry ways are wide enough that you can also accent your style with a single, tasteful piece of furniture. An antique wooden table can serve as decoration and be functional; it can hold keys, mail, and other items you may need to set down when you first enter your home. A small old-fashioned rolling desk is another consideration. Accent it with a few collectibles or antique pieces. But be selective and keep it minimal.

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